Snam Rete Gas has drawn up a development plan for its transmission network which shows the main transport infrastructures to build up or reinforce in the timesheet of the plan and that meets the needs of future supply and demand, security of supply for Italy, and facilitates both European market integration, and the development of liquidity in the Italian gas market. The plan is consistent with the developments within the European Union, including PCI and the investments identified by ENTSOG in the TYNDP *.

The most significant projects of the ten-year plan are the implementation of "Support to the North West market and bidirectional cross-border flows” and the implementation of the "Adriatica line". The first is mainly aimed at the flexibility and security of supply of the market in the North West of the country and the creation of export capacity at the interconnection points of Passo Gries and Tarvisio, the second will allow new imports from Southern Italy and facilitates the expansion of the Fiume Treste storage facility.

The main regional network projects are also highlighted, including the projects for the extension of natural gas network in some areas of Southern Italy.

The complete list of the projects contained in the plan is attached in the last part of the document (annex 5).

* The plan forecasts development project for the transport network aimed to create new entry point from the South and to develop the north east network. These projects are functional to new supply sources via pipeline or LNG plant. In order to facilitate the identification of the conformity of projects, the document lists the identification codes assigned by ENTSOG in its TYNDP to individual projects.