This document presents the Snam Rete Gas ten-year development plan, in compliance with the Legislative Decree n. 93, 1 June 2011, as modified by Law n. 115 of 29 July 2015 and Resolution n. 351/2016/R/Gas. In addition to the supply and demand forecasts and the plans for the development of the Snam Rete Gas transmission network, this document illustrates the legislative, regulatory and economic framework.

This document identifies both the assessment criteria that have been adopted to create the ten-year network development plan and the elements on which the planning decisions have been taken.

The Ten-Year development plan has been elaborated on the basis of previous development plans, as published by Snam Rete Gas and communicated to the relevant institutions and stakeholders pursuant to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations.

The development plan highlights potential areas of investment considering previous approved investment decisions.