The Ten-Year development plan forms part of the Snam Rete Gas strategy, in continuity with previous development plans, communicated to relevant institutions and stakeholders pursuant to relevant legal or regulatory requirements.

The plan illustrates the main development infrastructure projects (hereinafter referred to as “projects”) required for both the national transmission and the regional transmission networks owned by Snam Rete Gas, covering the period 2017 – 2026.

Decisions at the base of the ten-year plan have been taken in accordance with:

  • European and Italian legislative and regulatory frameworks;
  • National Energy Strategy;
  • ENTSOG Ten-Year Network Development Plan;
  • ten-year scenarios connected to meet natural gas market developments;
  • information submitted by 3rd parties (i.e. project developers and shippers);
  • general strategy of Snam (the parent company of Snam Rete Gas).


Snam, listed at the Milan Stock Exchange since 2001, pursues a development strategy finalized to the creation of value through investments realizing sustainable growth, characterized by operative and financial effectiveness. Snam considers the creation of sustainable value for shareholders and for the community as a crucial part of its business model.